What is e-Residency?

You might have seen online a mention of e-Residency or heard about Estonia’s “digital nation.” What does this mean exactly?

e-Residency is an innovative program begun in 2014. Estonia has been long admired for its forward-thinking in delivering government services online for its citizens. Estonia realized that it could easily extend the same secure identification platform to deliver services to people anywhere in the world.

Why would you want to become an e-Resident?

The primary privilege e-Residents enjoy today is the ability to create and manage online a business registered in Estonia. In other words, you can live anywhere in the world but using e-Residency, you can own and operate a business in the European Union.

Estonia is a welcoming business environment and its transparency means that there is a high level of trust in Estonian companies.

e-Residents can benefit greatly from this trust and openness by establishing legitimate businesses that operate under the predictable rule of law. No matter where you reside or what passport you hold.

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